NYC Alumni Event: Sat., August 25th 1PM – 4PM


Bring Your Family, Friends or Significant Others!
We hope to see you there!

For information or to let us know you're coming contact:
Jerry Medina: (201) 282-0281 -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Andrej Branc: (570) 977-0137 -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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2nd Annual Golf Tournament

After last years successful golf outing, the chapter has committed itself to making it an annual alumni event.  Here are all the details:

-  Wedgewood Golf Course, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
-  June 9, 2012
-  Tee Off:  Noon – 12:30pm
-  Tournament Fee is $130 and Includes:
        •  Greens fee with cart 
        •  Sandwich and drinks at turn
        •  BBQ and prizes after the tournament
-  Prizes awarded for:  best round • longest drive • closest to the pin

To RSVP or for more information, contact David Crowley at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information about Wedgewood, visit:  This is event is open to all of SigEp’s extended family. Please bring your spouse, children, or friends.

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2012 Carlson Leadership Academy

Last February, I attended the Carlson Leadership Academy in Stamford, CT with seven other members of my chapter. The Carlson Leadership Academy is the second component of the SigEp Leadership Continuum. The program offers the opportunity for potential executive board members to learn how to work effectively as a team, as well as maximize the success they find in their respective positions. During the group sessions, in which everyone from our chapter was together, we had the opportunity to discuss problems that we might face as the future executive board. These sessions proved very helpful, as it gave us an opportunity to understand one another’s priorities and problem solving methods.

Each member of the chapter went as a specific position on the executive board—I went as president. In addition to the group sessions, we also attended breakout sessions; sessions where members from all chapters for a specific position were placed together. Several current presidents (I was not the SigEp President at this time) were with my group during our breakout session and I was able to gain useful wisdom from them as we discussed the many goals, challenges, and facets of presidency. I was able to pick up on some techniques and practices used by other presidents to effectively lead their chapters. In other breakout sessions, the other members of my chapter learned of: successful recruitment events and practices, methods to improve the Residential Learning Community designation our chapter holds, effectively promote events on campus, and how to properly manage a budget.

CLAs also presented the attendees with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the ritual, and an opportunity to bond together with my brothers as an executive board. Attending the Carlson Leadership Academy made me aware of the immense worth of having a strong national organization, and even more proud to be a Lehigh SigEp.

- Written by brother Andrew J. Moodie, President-Elect

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2012 Recruitment Summary

This years’ rush began slightly differently than years past by starting with the customary open houses in the fall, rather than spring semester. In addition, the formal recruitment period was shortened from 4 to 3 weeks. For SigEp, this just meant more events in a shorter time frame to recruit great new members.

With only 3 weeks for rush, we put together great events right from the get-go including poker tournaments and dodgeball to follow up the open house. Week 2 began with a giant pig roast for Sunday football which, with Roland’s help, made for a killer event and set the tone for the week to come. The rest of the week consisted of going to a 76ers game in Philly, a formal date party and a few nights of casual dinners to talk with the rushes on a more intimate level. The week closed out with one of our premiere events – a comedy club in New York City via a much appreciated coach bus.

As week 3 rolled around we had cut it down to about 20 rushes for the best events. The week began with one of my personal favorite events, a local shooting range. While we were not allowed to shoot pistols, we weren’t very disappointed by the selection of an AK-47, P90, AR15 and M1 Carbine. Needless to say, the rushes and brothers all had a blast. The next event was the traditional senior dinner at a Brazilian steak house where the potential members got to interact with the upperclassmen.

The final flagship event was the formal Recruitment Dinner for which Roland pulled through again with a steak and lobster dinner. In addition to great food and lookin’ classy, Recruitment advisor Kyle Schreiner and Chapter Counselor Dave Thompson gave speeches on what it really means to be a SigEp, and what the house and chapter can do for its members.

With recruitment coming to a close, it was time for the ever-important bid meeting during which we decided to extend 17 bids. Within the week, we were and are very excited to welcome 14 new members to Sigma Phi Epsilon.

  1. Mike Miller – Sophomore
  2. Matt Oil – Sophomore
  3. Andrew Sterlacci – Freshman (Violin soloist)
  4. Marty Melochick – Freshman
  5. Tim Moulton – Freshman
  6. Collin Melton – Freshman (Eagle Scout)
  7. DeVaughn Roberts – Freshman (Trumpet soloist)
  8. Harry Nimoityn – Sophomore
  9. Andy Gelb – Freshman
  10. Lee Gratz – Freshman
  11. Roman Krywulych – Freshman
  12. Mark Liubicich – Freshman
  13. Toby  Nicastro– Freshman
  14. Jase Swinden – Freshman

We look forward to integrating these new members into our house with our Sigma Challenge.

It’s great to be a SigEp!

- Written by brother Kevin Delfosse

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RLC Brewery Tour

To get some hands on experience in a topic many brothers are interested in, SigEp took a trip to the Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton, PA. Weyerbacher is a microbrewery specializing in Belgian-Style Ales, but also produces a wide array of other brews.

The group of SigEp’s learned a great deal about the brewing, distributing, and tasting process. Upon arrival, we all gathered around the tasting bar to begin the process of trying all of Weyerbacher’s current selections. Through sipping and analyzing 12 different beers, we learned a great deal about the characteristics that make beers unique from the different brewing and aging processes to the ingredients that compose the brew.

After our sampling was finished, we got to partake in a tour of the brewing facility. Our guide walked us through the entire brewing process from ingredient selection to bottling and capping. Some of the more interesting things we learned are that nearly all grains used in beer brewing are imported from around the world because the American grain market is devoted almost entirely to bread production. We also learned the differences among draughts, bottled, and bottle-fermented beers and some of the chemistry behind these processes.

All in all, this tour was a fun, informative trip and personally opened my eyes to many new types of beers that I never would have considered trying before.

- Written by brother Tyler Tobin

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